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angry and hurts your eyes

I find it pretty crazy that so far I have failed to mention the artist that contributed the piece that set the style for the entire project; the wonderful (on Instagram)

Izzy was one of the first contributors to the project - in an early enough stage where I was able to see how well this piece in particular would work as a branding image for the project - something so iconically associated with Paul Cannell, but with enough of a stylized flair that you can immediately understand the simple initial purpose of this project.

When she produced the piece, she wrote this about it;

'The Screamadelica album artwork is iconic, but it’s a bit angry and hurts your eyes if you look at it too long (I say that with all the love in my heart). When responding to this piece in my own style, I instantly knew I wanted to throw away the stark primary colours, and make it a little softer, as that’s my preferred palette. I chose to round off the edges and translate the red to a pastel pink, so it’s generally more pleasant to look at. While completely changing the look of the piece, I feel as though I still managed to maintain the childlike feel that is what makes Paul’s work so charming to me. Alongside taking the inspiration from Paul’s work, I also looked at artists Beck Carlton and Jean Julien, whose work has that same charm.'

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