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baby crawling in the centre of the universe

To finish a sequence of posts on the topic of childlike art - this is Paul's sleeve for his own band Crawl's 1996 single 'Sourface'. A cover that demonstrates childlike drawing - even moreso than his simpler work like 'The Duck Pond' which we talked about the other day. This is because (as we can see on the label of the sleeve) we don't just have Paul to credit - we also have Heather (aged 5) and Alex (aged 3).

The art is chaotic but innocent and the entire cover is left open to display it. The lines are strongly defined and you can see the messy smudging of what is likely graphite but could be charcoal. I'm very fond of the little extras that adorn this record - like the funny little 'crawl' face on the back - and the anarchic 'sour face' guitar player on the vinyl itself.

While Paul had always played in bands with his friends (often rehearsing in the cellar when they lived together in Ilford) - Crawl had started up in 1995 under the working title of 'Baby Crawling'. Andy Golding (lead guitar), Frank Stebbing (drums), both formerly of the Wolfhounds. Todd Berry (bass), long time musical collaborater of Paul and Andy. Paul was lead vocal, guitar and lyricist. Darren "Des" Penney signed them with Creation.

From Simon Spence, music journalist and Fabulous singer;

'I thought the single they cut was brilliant. I went to watch him rehearse in King’s Cross. I thought and hoped Crawl would go places. It was a hot day. We had a beer or two. Centre of the universe feel. That was the last time I saw Paul. I recall crying watching him play in that little rehearsal… he really moved me.'

Crawl in 1996 © Martyn Goodacre

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