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some memories of paul

This is a guest column written by Andy Saunders (@onetruesaunders on Instagram), who was the Head of Press at Creation Records during the time that Paul was supplying them with art from an in-house studio.

I started working at Creation Records in 1992 when the company was based in Westgate Street in Hackney - It was a few months after Screamadelica was released, which of course was one of Paul's most well known album artworks.

Paul in his attic art studio at Creation

In the offices there was an attic room where Paul had been given a studio to work in, My office was directly below this so I would often see him as he made his way through where I was working and up the metal spiral staircase to his area. He was always friendly and often stopped for a chat. I never knew him that well though, I'm not sure many people did. My job at Creation Records at that time was Head of Press and at one point I did some work to get Paul some interviews and recognition for his work in the UK media. We spent some time together working on that and I got to know him a little bit better. He was clearly a troubled man, whether from addiction or mental health issues I don't know, but he had an authenticity, kindness and humanity about him which was very appealing. He also always seemed a lot older than he actually was. He did mention that he felt he had never been fairly rewarded for the work he did with certain bands and I sensed some bitterness around that. Obviously images such as the Screamadelica artwork, the Heavenly logo and many others are now seen as hugely iconic images and in retrospect Paul is rightly acknowledged as a groundbreaking artist whose work defined the visual context of the early 90s musical landscape.

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