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about the blog

For the first post on this blog page, I'm going to talk a little about how this is going to function (at least as far as I can imagine for now).

The blog, as well as the Instagram and Facebook account are where I'm going to make updates about the projects progression - new details - interesting tidbits and new involved artists. I'm going to talk about Paul Cannell, I'm going to talk about his work, I'm going to talk about the artists and I'm going to talk about their work.

In future, I'd like for contributing artists to write their own posts on here, discussing how they feel about Paul, his work, and his character. Explaining some of the work they've produced, and how it was inspired by Paul.

The project hasn't launched yet - but this blog post will be here when it does, and there will (hopefully) be plenty more posts to come.

Thank you for reading!


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