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interview paul cannell

Those that know me or know about the Damp Water Spot Project may know that finding any information about Paul over the years has been almost impossible. Pretty much all that people that are interested in him have had to go off is snippets from interviews, an obituary and a very old interview with him. So I'm sure it's understandable that when this came in the mail yesterday all I could do for a few minutes was sit and stare at it - it being what I assume is the only audio recording of his voice that exists - other than a home video I have from when I was young. This is the audio recording of the interview conducted by Marceline Smith in 1992 at Creation Records. Since the article itself was published - it has been pretty much the only resource for information about Paul, his work, art practices and character at that very important point in time. I know it has been incredibly beneficial personally for myself and so I cannot thank Marceline enough for both the creation of the article and for her massive contribution to this project. For Marceline's latest ventures; visit her Instagram at @marcelinesmith

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