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It's finally time - tomorrow marks the launch of the Damp Water Spot project. And whether it goes well or not - I hope you'll appreciate the work I've put towards developing it. From it's conception to it being accepted by the National Lottery Arts Council a handful of days before the lockdown started. Luckily, through more hard work adapting the project to work without people having to interact with eachother - the project launches.

It's important to mark why I'm launching tomorrow - the 6th of July. 15 years ago to the day Paul Cannell took his own life and we lost an incredibly inspiring and humble artist. The root of this project has always been based around immortalizing Paul by producing art as a tribute to his work and character.

To stay updated, please bookmark this website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram at and @dampwaterspot respectively.

I'll be posting a short announcement video tomorrow for newcomers to launch the project, and I hope to see you there.



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