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cannellism - art will eat itself

The information in this post was roughly gathered and researched by myself - but very kindly fact checked and fleshed out by Jeff Barrett of Heavenly Records.

In 1992 Heavenly Records rented some office space on the corner of Monmouth Street and St Martin's Lane. With those offices - they also recieved a shop, which they intended to open up as a record shop. While they were figuring this out - they decided that it would make a great venue for an art exhibition - and so they looked to Paul.

On May 12th 1992 and for an undetermined number of days after (probably 2 or 3) Paul displayed a number of works at the exhibition - titled 'Cannellism - Art Will Eat Itself'

Displayed at this gallery were some of his pieces for Primal Scream, a few childlike drawings, a handful of traditional oils and some more experimental pieces. Below is a gallery of some of these works, some quotes from colleagues and even the list of prices for pieces for sale.

Jeff Barrett ended up purchasing Untitled (Oil on Canvas) (#5) as a gift for his then girlfriend (now wife) - it's still on display in his house.

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