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Paul Cannell: end of an era

For one reason or another, it seemed that over time Paul became disillusioned with the task of creating sleeves. Andy Saunders (Head of Press at Creation Records around that time) said that he sensed some bitterness when Paul would mention he felt he hadn't been fairly rewarded for the work he did with certain bands. According to Des Penney (longtime friend of Paul and manager for Flowered Up), Paul wanted to be an artist, a painter, and soon sleeve work became a novelty to him and it's understandable as he could do what he saw as 'popart' with his eyes shut. He felt it prevented him being taken seriously as an artist. He seemingly fully retired from his sleeve work after doing a sleeve for Moe Tucker, one of his musical heroes. For him it couldn't get any better than that. Paul wanted to front a rock n roll band.

Crawl in 1996 © Martyn Goodacre (Paul with his iconic Super brand lager)

So became Crawl, originally under the working title 'Baby Crawling' - Andy Golding (lead guitar), Frank Stebbing (drums), both formerly of the Wolfhounds. Todd Berry (bass), long time musical collaborater of Paul and Andy. Paul was lead vocal, guitar and lyricist. Des signed them with Creation and after some time they produced a single entitled 'Sourface'

I'll leave it on a note from Simon Spence, member of Fabulous who knew Paul well.

'I saw him rehearse in King's Cross with Des there as well... they made a great twosome and I thought and hoped Crawl would go places. It was a hot day, that was the last time I saw him. I recall crying watching him play in that little rehearsal. He really moved me.


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