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Crayon Room - Izzy Goodhead

Crayon Room

pencil on card

Izzy Goodhead

b. 2001

On the topic of the last blog posts discussion on childlike influences and the use of the non-dominant hand - we have one of the first pieces commissioned for the project; Crayon Room by Izzy Goodhead. It's a near one-point perspective piece with a viewpoint that's almost a modern swap of Gogh's Bedroom in Arles with similarly popping colours. This is what Izzy had to say about the piece;

‘I was reading through Paul Cannell's obituary, and something that really stuck with me and made me laugh was how his work occasionally looked so much like children's art that he managed to sell art made by actual children as his own. He would use his non dominant hand to achieve this look, so I did the same here. I used the concept of him staring at his ceiling to see the damp water spot, and translated that to the view I had while lying in bed. While trying to make my work seem more childlike, choosing the medium was easy. Crayons are the weapon of choice for nearly all art that gets stuck to the fridge when it's brought home from school, so I picked up my own and started scribbling. I found it really therapeutic to make a piece of art where I knew it wasn't going to look beautiful; it was supposed to be a bit chaotic and messy.’

Izzy Goodhead is an experimental artist who dabbles in several mediums, including digital art using ProCreate and acrylic paints. She’s taken a break from making art since lockdown as she has commitments to her full time employment, but still loves to create when she has the time. You can find her on Instagram at

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