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The Paul Wall

A striking but unofficial 14th piece of our Heartlands exhibition is what I fondly refer to as 'The Paul Wall'. When I was considering the physical exhibition itself and realised there had to be some sort of space to learn more about Paul and see the art he had contributed to the world I devised a small wall to display his works and some information about his life and career. At the time I had very little to show - mostly just his sleeves, other art and a few pictures of him. But by the time of the exhibition - through research and talking with all of the lovely people who knew Paul during his career I had gathered more art, news articles, more pictures of him and a wealth of information about his art and character at that time. Stepping back after putting it all up on the wall and looking up at it was deeply cathartic and a little emotional. I was looking at the physical embodiment of all the work I had done to find out more about him. We had started with one photo and a screenshot of a home video. It was very strange in a good way. In the event of a second exhibition of this project - my plan is to create an immense collage encompassing absolutely everything I have regarding Paul.

Here's some pictures of The Paul Wall


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