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recurring colours and motifs

One of the first things that many newcomers notice about a lot of Paul's work - especially his Primal Scream sleeves and his oils are the colours and motifs that return time and time again.

The pictures here are some thick oil pastels and drawings which capture Paul's colour and style quite well. They were made by the talented @mondo.gonzo on Instagram, who is currently working on a wearable piece for the project.

According to her, working through some of Paul's reocurring motifs with oil pastels has helped her figure out how exactly to approach similar styles in relation to the human form.

I find it pretty interesting that almost all of the artists currently contributing to the project have repeated this same process - taking the time to replicate some of what makes Paul's work so unique. I think it's a natural instinct to want to try to see some of what he did from the other side - like getting a different artistic perspective might make it easier to understand it.

In Paul's own work - I believe that one of the bigger reasons his oil style stuck is directly related to his introduction to Primal Scream. When Paul met Bobby Gillespie - Bobby asked him to make a painting - which he did. It was very large and intricately detailed. For a number of Primal Scream's singles - Bobby would pick and choose specific portions of this large oil painting for covers, backs and remixes. Despite the fact it was originally just one big oil painting - it gave the impression that Paul was consistently producing near very carefully stylized pieces. It was only natural this would evolve into a more concrete style.

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