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In short, 'Damp Water Spot' is a National Lottery Arts Council funded project running since 2020 that pays talented artists to contribute fantastic new works. Our goal is to produce a portfolio of art pieces inspired by the late artist Paul Cannell (see Paul Cannell's page for more information on his art and character).


Since July 2020, the Damp Water Spot project has produced a portfolio of pieces created by artists near and far directly inspired by the character and art of the late Paul Cannell. We have now ended our first public exhibition, but aim to continue the project with a second run of pieces to be exhibited at a later date.

All completed pieces can be viewed from the Gallery page.


As you can imagine, art and artists play a huge part in this project. We directly commission artists of all forms and mediums to produce the pieces inspired by Cannell. Sketch, paints, sculpture, fashion, jewellery - the form does not matter - what matters is that it means something, and that meaning can be communicated to those that view it.


The pieces that we commission are fully funded - this includes equipment, materials, and accounting for the time you have put in. As many continue to struggle due to the worldwide coronavirus situation and its effect on the economy, we want to help artists as much as we can - especially those who are currently out of work.

For more information about this project and how to take part - see the other pages or visit the social media accounts linked below.