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Updated: Jul 8, 2020


I thought it would probably be a good idea to introduce myself, and talk a little bit about my own investment in this project.

My name is Harri, I'm a freelance editor by trade but what I really want to chase after is documentary filmmaking. And that's sort of where this project came from in a way.

I first contacted the National Lottery Arts Council about Paul last year to produce a very different project, half art workshop - half documentary teaser tape. My hope was to organize an interesting project that helped the community but at the same time gather the funding to move towards making a documentary about Paul and his legacy. This original project was funded early this year, but before I was able to start working on it for real - it had to be put on hold just like many other projects all over the world due to COVID-19.

Before long, I became a little stir crazy and started to look for ideas on how to make this project now, while still maintaining social distancing measures. Obviously I couldn't do art workshops anymore, but I realized I could still get people to produce pieces inspired by Paul - and potentially help people who are struggling at the same time.

So that's what this project became - an entirely online project devoted to directly commissioning artists. And I'm very happy it turned out this way! I think this is a very necessary stepping stone towards working on a larger project about Paul. I have already been in touch with so many interesting people who have so much to say about him - and can't wait to get working on what comes next.

Looking forward - I hope this project goes well, and helps as many people as possible - even if it's just getting somebody out of a rut and back to being creative in a difficult time where inspiration isn't easy.

Thank you so much for reading, you'll be hearing a lot more from me very soon.



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  • Harri Lane

For the first post on this blog page, I'm going to talk a little about how this is going to function (at least as far as I can imagine for now).

The blog, as well as the Instagram and Facebook account are where I'm going to make updates about the projects progression - new details - interesting tidbits and new involved artists. I'm going to talk about Paul Cannell, I'm going to talk about his work, I'm going to talk about the artists and I'm going to talk about their work.

In future, I'd like for contributing artists to write their own posts on here, discussing how they feel about Paul, his work, and his character. Explaining some of the work they've produced, and how it was inspired by Paul.

The project hasn't launched yet - but this blog post will be here when it does, and there will (hopefully) be plenty more posts to come.

Thank you for reading!


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