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soap powder packet

This is the story of the true origin of the iconic 'Psychadelic Sun' (or how I like to refer to it; Damp Water Spot) as I have come to understand it. Like I talked about last week - when Bobby Gillespie went to Paul to commission some work for Higher Than The Sun he didn't let him listen to it - as he thought it may influence his work. Clearly going off of the name, Paul included an interesting looking little sun within the painting. The smaller story there was that Paul had allegedly been lying on the floor under the influence of LSD staring up at the Creation Records office ceiling where he had noticed a damp water spot and been immediately inspired. Bobby specifically really liked the sun and it's inclusion so he and a graphic designer cropped specifically the sun and redesigned it as pop art. When he's asked about it in interviews - he refers to the colour and style as similar to 'soap powder packets'

It's been said a lot at this point, but the design is so incredibly identifiable and iconic. Even if you don't know Primal Scream or Screamadelica - you've seen this album cover. It was one of only 10 album covers to be immortalized as official stamps in 2010 alongside greats like Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and David Bowie.

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